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When We Meet

Sunday Mornings

Worship Service
10:30 am

1st and 3rd Wednesday 

Bible Study
7:00 pm

Our services

Our Sunday morning worship experiences typically follow a four-week pattern. We gather together around for a time of worship through prayer, musical expression, and sound teaching of God's word. While we do have a plan for our worship experiences, we always yield to what God wants to do on any given Sunday.

- Week One -
On Week One, we will learn a story in the Bible. We believe it is important to know God. We believe that knowing him begins by knowing his story. We will learn about the details of a story in the Bible: the context of the story, the lives of the characters, and the how the story fits into the larger story.

- Week Two -
On Week Two, we will learn what that story reveals to us about the character of God. We believe that life change begins with the knowledge of God: his character and his love.

- Week Three -
On Week Three, we will learn how what we learned about God's character then applies to our lives and what should be our response. We believe that a relationship with God follows a "Revelation-Response" pattern and that our lives are lived in response to a revelation of God.

- Week Four -
On Week Four, which we call "Group Chat", we will have a open discussion about what we learned in the previous weeks. We believe that you do not need a degree or the title of pastor to know understand the Bible. So Group Chat is a time for us to learn from each other through healthy dialogue and disagreements to help build a family of believers.

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