Pastors & Staff

Jim Knarr and Linda Knarr

Our Senior Pastors

In 1985 Jim and Linda Knarr met at this very church, and have been married and in ministry together over 35 years. Jim was a Children's Pastor in upstate NY for 7 years before they launched out in 2000 and planted a still thriving church in upstate NY. In 2012 their journey brought them to the Hampton Roads area where Jim accepted the role of professor and Dean of Students at a local accredited Bible College. During that time he completed his Doctorate of Worship Studies from the prestigious Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. In 2018  Jim and Linda were invited to take the lead role for our church. Linda is a retired nurse, and along side her husband, has been very engaged in various support ministries of the church. They bring a fresh approach to church and our relationship with God.

Sharon Stump

Administrative Assistant

David Robison and Rachel Salsman

Youth/Children's Pastors

Lisa Yount

Prayer Team Lead

Nick Smith

Community Dinner Lead