Sunday's Message

Our Sermon Pattern

The Story

Week 1
We believe that the Bible is the story of God. We start each sermon pattern with a story in the Bible to help people know the content of the Bible. We learn the context and details of the story.

God's Character

Week 2
As the Bible is the story of God, we believe that we should approach the Bible for the purpose of knowing God before we learn about ourselves. The second part of each sermon pattern is what the story reveals to us about God.

Our Response

Week 3
We believe that our relationship with God follows the pattern of revelation-response. God gives us revelation and then we respond. The third part of the sermon pattern teaches us what our response to the revelation about God is.

Group Chat

Week 4
We believe that an important aspect of church is the community, because we can learn from each other. The last part of each sermon pattern is a group discussion among the entire congregation based on the previous sermons in the sermon pattern.

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